Trudeau Government Silent While His NDP Friends Give Free Fentanyl To Children

January 11, 2024

Ottawa, ON – Dr. Stephen Ellis, Conservative Shadow Minister for Health, Laila Goodridge, Conservative Shadow Minister for Addictions, and Todd Doherty, Conservative Shadow Minister for Mental Health and Suicide Prevention released the following statement on the distribution of dangerous narcotics to children in British Columbia:  

“The Trudeau-NDP approach to drug policy is on open display in our streets and is an abject failure. Nowhere is that more obvious than in Vancouver where Trudeau and his NDP friends have allowed drug decriminalization to destroy thousands of lives since 2017. Despite a 300% increase in drug overdose deaths in the province, the BC NDP government has contracted the British Columbia Centre on Substance Use (BCCSU) to enable clinicians to prescribe dangerous fentanyl to minors under the guise of “safe supply.” As if that weren’t disturbing enough, no informed consent is required from parents before children are supplied with these drugs.

“Fentanyl is one hundred times more potent than heroin, and a dose of as little as 3 milligrams can be fatal. And yet it has been greenlit for distribution to minors, with few safeguards. To talk of ‘safe fentanyl’ is to engage in an absurd contradiction.

“The Trudeau Liberals have flooded the streets with dangerous opioids and have ignored all evidence that doing so has ruined the lives of countless Canadians. They have marched in lock step with the BC government in its dangerous experiments in ‘safe supply’ and decriminalization, and have not said whether they oppose giving free fentanyl to children.

“All of us are deeply concerned about the path that Canada is traveling on, and we fear for the safety of our communities as governments are actively facilitating the consumption of dangerous drugs by vulnerable Canadians, including minors. There is no scientific evidence in support of this practice. That in and of itself is not surprising: giving out dangerous, lethal drugs to children is both harmful and morally repulsive. 

“Rather than abandoning the millions of Canadians suffering from addiction to a life of misery, we ought to treat them as fellow citizens worthy of dignity and respect, who deserve an opportunity to live fulfilling lives. Common sense Conservatives will emphasize treatment and recovery rather than taxpayer-funded drugs. We will restore hope for our most vulnerable. Recovery from addiction is possible.”